I sincerely thank everyone who cares about Nuo Kangde. Your presence is our greatest honor! As the first company in China to carry out research and development of new drugs in sugar chemical biology, Nuokang has always been adhering to the mission of “respecting life, caring for health, advancing with the times, and ending with the best” in cancer cell immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, and gene therapy. The detection, innovative drug research and development and other aspects lead the future medical revolution, and has developed into a cell genetic industrial cluster company integrating "production, learning, research and use". And with the Michigan State University, Xiamen University to establish a coherent biochemical pharmacy research laboratory, hired domestic and foreign academicians as the company's expert team consultants.

The life science and technology industry is at the forefront of the development of science and technology in the 21st century, and its development will inevitably play an immeasurable role in improving the health of human life, which in turn will produce huge economic and social benefits. As the chairman and general manager of Nokang, I am very optimistic about the life science and technology industry, and firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all industry colleagues, China's life science and technology industry will usher in a spring of vigorous development.

With ancient knots and circumcision, this company will adhere to the philosophy of “developing life science and technology and protecting life and health”. We will use science and technology as the guide and serve for the purpose of spreading biomedical culture and transmitting technology health. The concept, inheritance and service to the people. Respond to the society with unremitting efforts and use the cutting-edge life technology to protect the health of human beings!

General Manager of Xiamen Nuokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.