At present, due to the development of scientific research market, our company will employ and train a group of high-quality experimental technicians and research scholars.

Jobs and requirements:


Senior Research Fellow (one)


Job Responsibilities

1. Conduct project research and theoretical research.

2, write related materials. Including topics, patents, project plans, etc.

3, do the experimental plan, do the experimental design. And can ask questions and solve problems.

4, occasionally do experiments.

5, research related technology, read the literature.

6, other assigned work tasks.


1. Strong independent research ability. Can independently complete the research of the subject, read the literature, and propose strategies to solve the problem.

2. Strong ability in biological basic research or chemistry. Have the spirit of independent thinking and courage to explore.

3. Have a sound background in biology (chemistry). Can track international cutting-edge research.

4, English level 6 or above.

5. Master degree or above in medicine or biology related major;

6, with cell biology or molecular biology experimental techniques, such as aseptic processing, cell culture, flow cytometry operations; cell culture for more than three years of relevant experience;

7. Careful, pragmatic, competent, strong sense of responsibility, strong execution, and good teamwork spirit;



Molecular Biology Engineer (1)


Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for molecular biology related experiments and product quality control of the company's products;

2. Responsible for analyzing and summarizing the experimental data and timely feedback;

3. Responsible for communication and coordination with cooperative users;

4. Other work arranged by the superior leader.

job requirements

1. Molecular biology, biochemistry and other related majors, master's degree is preferred (the master's degree is the best for exosome related researchers)

2, molecular biology related experimental operation for more than one year, has a wealth of experimental experience, Western Blot, flow cytometry experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with molecular biology applications and products;

4. Be proactive and analytical, and be good at analyzing problems and solving problems;

5. Strong expressive ability and good communication skills.



Senior Researcher of New Drugs (one)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Complete the experimental design related to the development of new drugs;

2. Completion of literature collection and intelligence collation related to new drug research and development;

3. Pharmacotoxicity related to new drugs linked to CRO;

4. To sum up, it is to read the literature, design experiments, not many hands-on.

5. Other assigned work tasks,


1. Master degree or above in biology or chemistry related majors;

2. Have cell biology or molecular biology experimental techniques, such as aseptic processing, cell culture, flow cytometry, etc.; or chemical-related experimental skills.

3. Careful, practicable, responsible, strong, and have a good team spirit;

4. Familiar with the use of common office software, clear thinking and agile;



Labor time and vacation are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Labor Law.